500 words on coronavirus

                               500 words on coronavirus

The world health organization (who) has declared the new coronavirus outbreak, which originated in wuhan,china,a pandemic.

As of september 20,the global death toll surpasssed 957,000 amod more than 30.8 million cases.over 21 million people have re-covered from the disease worldwide,acording to the data collected by the johns hopkins university in the united states.

What is a coronavirus?

The coronavirus family causes illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases suchas severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARA) and Middle East respiratory syndome (MERS),according to theWHO.

They circulate in animals and some can be  transmitted between animals and humans.from prison

to  schools,to hospital -place that care for a lot people have had to change to lot of their operations in order to combat the spread of COVID-19 .

What are the symptoms?

Common sings of infection include fever,coughing  and breathing diffculties. In severe cases pneumoia,multiple organ failure and death.

The incubation period of COVID-19 isthought to be between one and 14 days.It is  contagious despite having the virus in their systems.

Where did it come frome?

China alerted the WHO to cases of unusual pneumonia in wuhan on december 31. COVID-19is thought to have originated in a seafood market where wildlife wassold illegally.

On february7, chinese researchers said the virus could have spread from an infected animal to humans through illegally pangolins ,prized food and medicine.

Shouldi worry?How can I protect myself?

The WHO declared the virus  a pandemic on march11 and said it was ‘’deeply concerned by the alarming levels of spread and severity’’of the outbreak.

The WHO  recommends basic hygiene such as regularly washing hand with soap and water,and covering your mouth with your elbow when sneezing or coghing.

Maintain ‘’physical distancing’’ -keeping at least 1 meter (three feet) between yourself and others-particuarly if they are coughing and sneezing and avoid touching your face ,eyes and mouth unwashed hands.

Avoid unnecessary ,unprotected with animals with animals and be sure to thoroughly wash hands after contact.

Some more words in coronaviurs –

Scientists much smarter than I will eventually understand the COVID -19 coronavirus ,just as smart people eventually  discerned the properties and treatments for the plague ,cholera,influenza,polio,HIV,SARS, and ebola afther they first appeared.each pandamic left itsmark. I am certain that the caregivers who stood near each victim also experienced gnawing uncertainty and wondered at some point. Here we go agian all we can do isbe present,follow the guidelines,and hope that we can do the rigth thing for this patient in this place at this moment .because the storm is coming .And it might change everything once  agian

                               500 words on coronavirus The world health organization (who) has declared the new coronavirus outbreak, which originated in wuhan,china,a pandemic.…

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