Active and Passive Voice/ Rules, Tricks, Charts, Exercises

Active and Passive Voice/ Rules, Tricks, Charts, Exercises / English Grammar !

हमें सबसे पहले  यह जानने की जरूरत है की active voice को passive voice में बदलने के लिए  और passive voice को active voice में बदलने के लिए हमें  किन किन बातो का धियान रखना है :-

1.Tense  2.Model  3.Let  4.Imperatives  5.Infinitives

सब से पहले समझे की कोई sentence active या passive में कब होता है।  जब sentence active में है तब उस sentence में subject है जो किसी काम को कर रहा होगा और साथ में object जिसका उस काम का प्रभाव पड़ रहा है।

Active – S + M.V.

(V)+ O

Example -1.  वो किताब पढ रहा है।

  1. राहुल ने मुझे यह बताया
  2. उसने मुझे जाने दिया

अब जब आप अपने sentence को active में से passive में बदलने के लिए। जो active voice का object होता है वो passive voice का subject हो जाता है, और जिस verb की हम active voice में बात करते है उसका third ,form हो जाता है और साथ ही जो active voice का subject या तो होगा ही नहीं अगर हो तो by के साथ हो गए।

passive : S + V3 + By + O

Example :- 1. किताब को उसके द्वारा पढा जा रहा है।

  1. मुझे राहुल के द्वारा यह बताया गया।
  2. मुझे उसके द्वारा जाने दिया गया।
Present Indefinite Does/ Do Is /Am / Are
Present Continuous Is/ Am/ Are Is / Am/ Are + being
Present Perfect Has / Have Has been/ Have been
Present Perfect Cont. Has/ Have been Has/ Have been + being (RARE)
Past Indefinite Did Was/ Were
Past Continuous Was / Were Was/ Were + being
Past Perfect I Had Had been
Past Perfect Cont. Had been Had been + being (RARE)
Future Indefinite Will Will be
Future Continuous Will be Will be + being (RARE)
Future Perfect Will have Will have been
Future Perfect Cont. Will have been Will have been + being (RARE)

Active and Passive voice (Tense)

  1. He plays football.

: Football is played by him.

  1. She does not play cricket.

: Cricket is not played by her.

  1. Do I call you?

: Are you called by me.

  1. Rekha was singing a song.

: A song was being sung by Rekha.

  1. They will inform you about it.

: You will be informed about it by them.

  1. I have watched this movie.

: This movie has been watched by me.

  1. Why did he call you ?

: Why were you called by him ?

  1. How much does he love his brother ?

: How much is his brother loved by him?

  1. Rajni will have met Rashmi by the evening

: Rashmi will have been met by the evening by Rajni.

  1. I did not do it, trust me.

: It was not done by me, trust me.

  1. I have been asking you since morning.

: you have been being asked by me since morning.

  1. He will be opening the door at that moment.

: The door will be being opened at that moment by him.

  1. She had been reading that novel for months.

: That novel had been being read by her for months.

  1. He will have been watching cartoons since morning when you reach there.

Cartoons will have been being watched by him since morning when you reach there.


Active and Passive Voice/ Rules, Tricks, Charts, Exercises / English Grammar ! हमें सबसे पहले  यह जानने की जरूरत है की…

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