Can Yoga be used to control Corona? Swami Ramdev told ‘Ram Baan’ treatment

Can Yoga be used to control Corona? Swami Ramdev told ‘Ram Baan’ treatment


Why is the transition to 2021 more dangerous than in the year 2020? Why are children getting infected with Coronavirus this time? Why is there now a risk of tsunami of infection in India and can Yoga control corona? Today, there are many such questions about the transition, which were answered by the yoga teacher Swami Ramdev.

Double dose of vaccine and yoga is necessary

Swami Ramdev said that even after applying the first and second doses of the vaccine, from the doctor to us, we are having corona.

I am not opposed to vaccine, get vaccine but double dose of yoga and vaccine is necessary.

Do not leave yoga under any circumstances

He further said that Corona has returned stronger this year than before. Corona caught all the big stalwarts, big Bollywood stars and those who are considered health icons, from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to Akhilesh Yadav. Wearing a mask on one side, after touching things, it is important to sanitize the hand and follow social distancing. On the other hand, never stop doing yoga.

Drinking decoction increases immunity

Yoga teacher Ramdev said that we had told the whole country about Giloy, Turmeric and Tulsi. Use these three in more quantity. Apart from this, make a decoction of ginger, black pepper, cloves and liquorice. We had told this decoction to drink in the initial phase. Even today the whole country is using this decoction. This increases immunity. We researched this earlier too and also researched during the vaccine phase.

Swami Ramdev said that we got our people vaccinated and together fed them only one pill of coronil. The government declared it as a policy, so we got the vaccine. We fed coronil to half the people who got the vaccine. Compared to those who did not eat coronil after getting vaccinated, 100 percent antibodies were produced in those who ate coronil. Now they will not be infected with the corona.

He further said that some people say that they will be infected after the vaccine but will not die. What is all of this about. That is why, along with the double dose of vaccine, also take double dose of Yoga-Ayurveda. Those who have very bad lung conditions, they can take swasari gold in place of normal swasari. In this we have added Trikuta, Triphala, Asbestos and Godanti etc. I have been using it for the last 30 years. Not even one is killed from Corona, that is our motive.

Yoga teacher Ramdev said that take a deep breath for 5 minutes then do Kapalbhati. The corona first attacks our respiratory system. If we have protected our respiratory system, Corona will not attack us. Apart from this, do the opposite-antonyms. This brings the heart rate under complete control. Breathe in for 3-5 minutes and let go. Must also do Makarasan. It removes shortness of breath.

Swami Ramdev said that there is a lot of attack on the mind too. In such a situation, people can take Medhavati or use Brahmi or Shanghpushpi. Another thing being corona, the body breaks down completely. In this case, definitely consume pomegranate. That is why a pomegranate is said to be ill. It removes all diseases associated with the digestive system. Apart from this, eat apple-papaya too.



Can Yoga be used to control Corona? Swami Ramdev told ‘Ram Baan’ treatment   Why is the transition to 2021 more…

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