CLASS – 4   LESSON – 3   PART – 3

CLASS – 4   LESSON – 3   PART – 3

  1. Have you ever taken a ride on an elephant? How did it feel?

Ans. Once I took a ride on an elephant. It felt great.

  1. Which animals have you sat on ? write their names.

Ans. Horse, elephant , camel, donkey and buffalo.

Think and write

  1. why do you think the egret is sitting on the buffalo?

Ans. Egret is a friend of buffalo. It eats the insects from the skin of buffalo.

  1. Have you seen any animals riding on another animal ? write its name.

Ans. I saw an egret sparrow sitting on a buffalo.

  1. The animal which is riding.

Ans. Egret sparrow is riding.

  1. The animal which gives the ride.

Ans. Buffalo gives the ride.

  1. which animals do we use for riding?

Ans. Horse, elephant, ass, camel, ox etc.