Delhi riots is lack of Hindu – Muslim co-ordnance

Delhi riots is lack of Hindu – Muslim co-ordnance

There should be Hindu-Muslim (Local people’s co-ordnance committee) Co-ordnance committee in all over country in India so that each community people faith on each other if any problem in the city they can short out. But some political party want to divide people of India into Hindu- Muslim so that they can generate fear in particular community.  Our education system can also play a great role in this regard if there is no religion base education system.

Although Delhi police have arrested seven people for allegedly killing head constable Rattan Lal in the

communal violence that rocked north-east Delhi last month and recovered more than 100 illegal pistols allegedly used in the riots.

Police said on Thursday that 215 suspected rioters were arrested and another 3,125 persons were let off after being questioned it also listed videos and photographs statements of eyewitnesses and technical evidence” that helped in identifying the suspects.

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