E-learning in Delhi varsities in times of corona epidemic

E-learning in Delhi varsities in times of corona epidemic

Due to Corona virus fear  people try to take E -learning classes.


Colleges and universities across the capital are going the extra mile to ensure that the learning process continues even as the institutes remain closed owing to the 2019 novel corona virus threat.

From uploading-lectures and digital reading material to allowing video calls during class hours to clarify doubts colleges and universities across Delhi are doing it all last week the Delhi government had announced that schools colleges and universities in the capital should remain closed till March 31 as precautionary measure.

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Following the directive universities like Delhi University and Jamie Millie is lamia suspended regular classes and issued guidelines on sharing resources with students to continue in the teaching learning process.

Several colleges have fallen back on unique methods for instance Rajas collage which had developed a dashboard last year connecting students and teacher will be expanding its functionality.


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