Voting day rules

The geneal local election is regulated by the community charte ,the local  government act and the village of pemberton general local governmant election and other voting procedures bylaw no.831 ,2018. some key to follow on voting days :

  • Voting is by a secert ballot .displaying your ballot or disussing your vote or another person’s votes is prohibited .
  • Only one person is permitted in a voting booth at a time .
  • Campaigning is prohibited within 100 meter of the community centre.signs,buttons,flyers,and any attenpt toinfluence voters is a violation of the
    rules .
  • Only eligible electors are permitted in the voting place and they must leave immediately after voting .
  • Vote buying and intimidation are prohibited.
  • Signing a false statement is an offense
  • Radio and newspaper campaign ads are prohibited on general voting day.

Election offences can result in a $10,000 fine and up to two years in prison .

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