Essay on Dussehra

Essay on Dussehra



Dussehra is the holy festival of Hindus which is celebrated in whole India with great pump and show. In the starting 9 days people worships goddess DURGA and on the 10th day people destroys the statue of giant’s king RAVANA, in this way people celebrate the occasion of DUSSEHRA. The festival comes, between the month of September and October, before two or three weeks of Diwali. The festival is celebrated with the worship of goddess Durga and the devotees of LORD RAMA and GODDESS DURGA held on fast either on first day or last day or whole 9 days. Dussehra comes after 9 days festival of NAVRATRI. In this festival people worships the 9 avatars of goddess Durga. Now a days everyone’s behaviour is like RAVANA. So we have to first kill the Ravana which is getting broad in our self. Dussehra is one of the holy and historical festivals of India. People should win the control of Ravana which is inside their mind and then enjoy this day. As only a candle can remove the problem of darkness like this also to get triumph on the Ravana inside of the mind people needs only a very good determination. No-one knows that day from where this festival is celebrated by killing the statue of Ravana. If Ravana has been killed hundreds of years ago the how can he be alive even now? There are many Ravanas among us. There was 10 heads of Ravana at that time but of same behaviour but now there is only one head but of different behaviours. So in order to kill them all only one day is not enough, we have to work on it daily. SHREE RAMA CHANDRA killed that Ravana with the help of his bow and arrows. To kill the Ravanas of this time we all have to be Shree Rama and have to kill it by our behaviour, intelligence and by our will power.

The festival is of 10 days in which nine days for the worship of goddess Durga and tenth day is celebrated as Dussehra since Lord Rama killed Ravana this day. Preparations of this festival has been started by people before the day of festival. The festival of ten days is celebrated by organising big fair at several places in which residents of one place goes to other places to enjoy the festival happily.

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 Dussehra festival from classes 1 to 10:-

Dussehra is the holy festival of Hindus. It is celebrated between the month of September and October. These days worships of all nine characters of goddess Durga is done. The last day of festival is celebrated as Dussehra. The victory of truth on false is main motive of the festival. Goddess Druga is the source of power in living things. To opt power devotees beg for it as it is very important in life. In states like Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand etc., the statue of Goddess Durga is settled down by the people. People worship goddess with great pump and show. Archway is decorated. The nine day’s worship is called Navaratri in which people held on fast. There is worship of goddess in the temple with new type of energy among devotees. In northern India, there are stage shows of Ramayana. It is said that this day arrogant king of Lanka had been killed by Shree Rama. Ravana was arrogant and oppressive. In order to free goddess SEETA from Ravana, Rama met with SUGREEV and became friends. They went to Lanka after making bridge on the ocean and attacked on Ravana’s soldiers. Battle was very harsh. In this battle many soldiers like MEGHNATH,KUMBH-KARNA,RAVANA, etc. had been killed. Rama made Vibhishana as new king of Lanka and returned with their wife goddess SEETA. In the programme of Ramayana, which is called RAM-LEELA, the detailed is showed. Many other programmes is also taking place these days. Fair has been organised at several places. Children take part in the fair with more energy than ever. They enjoy the swings and see programmes. In this day, statue of RAVANA, MEGHNATH and KUMBH-KARNA has been destroyed. In this thousands of people take part. In this way, people shows the victory of truth on false. Then people eat and distribute sweets. Dussehra is the festival of devotion and dedication. This festival of KACCHU GHATI in Himachal Pradesh is well known in whole world. People from everywhere to enjoy the festival of here. Like this, Dussehra comes every year and fill people with devotion.

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