Essay on Gender Justice

Essay on Gender Justice


Gender Justice

The Gender justice may be said to prevail when there is true equality, and neither men nor women are discriminated against on grounds of sex. Wherever we see in beside us is only population of genders. Like male, female and include transgender, end one half of the world’s population, comprising woman, suffers from every form of discrimination.

This is because of the heir prevailing norm in most of societies all over the world. The heir exists when the head of the family expired, than second one head of the family stands for the taking place of

the head. Social theorists speculate that there might have been a time when most societies were matriarchal. Ancient cults in which the mother goddess is all powerful have been known to exist. However it is clear that at some stage women lost their central importance and power, if they ever had it.

Harsh inequalities now, are the order of the day. Discrimination begins even before birth. A girl child has fewer chances of being born. As technology now allows the sex of the unborn child to be known, this is used to abort a female foetus, thanks to the obsessive desire for male children. Female infanticide has long been practiced in this and other countries and continues in this day and age to be a black mark on society.

The girl child is receives less food and education than her brother. A majority of the world’s illiterates are women. While boys attend school and are permitted to play and develop, girls are frequently forced into the kitchen and in many families they help rear siblings. In many communities women are pushed into marriage in their teens and become mothers when their bodies and minds are not ready for a such functions. In some parts of the world dowries are paid to sell women into slavery; in others parts bride prices are demanded of men. Both practices are unhealthy as women are treated as commodities and the possession of men. With little choice of their own, women leave one family to enter another, in order to consolidate the relationships between families and sometimes tribes.

Social theorists argue that one of the worst effects of gender inequality is the alienation a woman feels towards her own body. In many societies and religions a woman is considered ritually unclean on certain days of the month.

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