Essay on our school

Essay on our school

My school, christened as RPVV IP EXTENSION, is very impressive with a three-storey impressive structure and is located in the middle of the city. This is about 3km from my house and I go by my father’s auto rickshaw. My school is the best school in the state where I read. It is extremely peaceful and located away from pollution. There are stairs on both sides of the school which leads to every floor. Furnished and large library on its second floor; sophisticated science laboratory and a computer lab. On its ground floor there is a school colouring where all annual events, meetings, PTM, dance competitions are organized.


Principal’s office, head office, clerk room, staff room and group study room are located on the ground floor. The school’s canteen, stationery shop, chase room and skating hall are also located on the ground floor. There are one basketball court, under the auditorium, in front of the Principal’s office in my school while the football field is in its shores. In front of the main office in my school there is a small garden full of colourful flowers and ornamental trees, which enhances the beauty of the entire school premises. About 1500 students have enrolled in my school. They are always the best in inter-school competition.


The method of study in my school is very creative and progressive, which helps to easily understand any difficult subject matter. Our teachers teach very honestly and explain everything in a practical way. My school comes first in every program like inter-school cultural programs and sports activities etc. My school celebrates all the important days of the year such as Sports Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Parents’ Day, Christmas Day, Annual Program, New Year, Gandhi Jayanti etc.


We also participate in different activities, such as swimming, NCC, school band, scouting, skating, dance, singing etc. apart from studies. According to school rules, non-disciplined and abusive students are also punished by their class teacher. Our School Principal takes a 10-minute class meeting hall every day for children of all classes to build character, manners, ethical education, and good values, respect others etc. Our school time is very fun and enjoyable because we do a lot of creative and practical work every day. Our verbal assessment of story telling, songs, poetry lessons, talks in Hindi and English etc. is taken daily by class teacher. So my school is the best school in the world.

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