Essay on school Trip

Essay on school Trip

School Trip-The Unforgettable Moments

I had been living in Delhi since 2008. I had gone nearly all places in the city with my parents but still I was very excited to go to with my friends that day because the feeling of tour with friends was too good. That day when me and my friends met in school with a new energy which was more than any time. The time arose and we got in the bus. On sitting in bus we got crazy about thinking of the tour that would be going to held. When bus started, all the students started to sing the song. In which, Zubair Aalam, the best boy of class in every field, went to the seat in the side of driver’s, started to sing a song which made all students happy and teachers also. On that day nobody remained silence even our class teacher Mr. Than Singh would not be able to stop himself and joined us at the last seat where me and my friend circle was making jokes on one another.

The picnic spot was nearly come. We were so excited that when bus stopped everyone wanted to get off by bus but my friends and I also went out with our teachers as he had become our friend that day. The spot which had been come is the Lotus Temple. That was the place where the most important thing was to keep silent and my classmates, seemed not to stop their chatting, stopped in order to go inside the temple. When we went inside we were fascinated by the beautifulness of the temple. Actually the temple was great built by the architectures. Our class teacher told us to make discipline so nobody even dared to do anything wrong. We were going to out of the temple. We again got in the bus with same determination and Mr. Than Singh sir also. We again started to sing, dance, etc.

While doing these things we got to know about the second place which is A.P.J ABDUL KALAM memorial. There we knew some interesting facts about our president, the great A.P.J ABDUL KALAM. Maddened with joy we enjoyed our trip and finally we were coming back to our school that time the energy level was little. On reaching school we shared our lunch with ourselves and Than Singh sir also. After that we went to shoot a group photo of our class with our class teacher. Then we were going to our home with little sadness. That day was very special for me. It was unforgettable for me. As for me, the trip was full of joy with my friends that were very nice in my life they took a good role in my life.


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