Jump, Laugh, run, shout, scold, is, was, appear etc. Are words created by us. We created all these words for telling the action or state of the subject. We call them verbs. Thus, verbs are words function is predication, expressing the action done by, or the state of, the subject;

  1. Birds fly.
  2. Ravi threw the ball.
  3. Ravi is a teacher.
  4. Radha is tall.
  5. I do not sing.


Finite: It is a word whose function is predication is predication, expressing the action done by, or the state of the subject. The finite verb agrees with the subject of the sentence.

  1. Boys dance.
  2. Ravi bought a pen
  3. Radha is a teacher.
  4. It seems that Amit is not here.

Infinte : It is a word that acts as adjective, adveb or noun in a phrase or acts as subject, object or complement in a senteance.

  1. I saw Ravi laughing loudly. (Adjective in an adjective phrase)
  2. He comes to sing in the morning. (Adverb in a adverb phrase)
  3. My job is to teach sincerely. (Noun in a noun phrase)
  4. Seeing is believing. (seeing is subject and believing is complement)
  5. I hate singing. (siging is the direct object of the verb)
  6. Amit is playing. (present participle as infinite verb)
  7. Ravi is laughing. (infinite verb)

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