FUTURE SIMPLE TENSE

  • Future simple tense

It is uesed for direct action of future :

  1. Ravi will play cricket today.
  2. Ravi will not play. (Negative sentence. Not comes after the helping verb.)
  3. Will Ravi play?(Interrogative sentence. The helping verb will precedes the subject.)
  4. We shall visit Mumbai next month.
  • Future continuous tens

It is uesed to indicate an action that will be continuing in some future time.

I shall be playing with my brother when you come to my house tommorrow.

He will be reading a book when we meet him at his room  today evening.

(C ) Future perfect tenes

It is used to indicate the

compeletion or rounding off an action in some future time.

You will get money only if you reach at 10.00 a.m. otherwise, I shallhave paid it to Ravi if you come after 10.00 a.m. (future perfect tense).

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