GANDHI JAYANTI


Gandhi jayanti is celebrated on 2nd October in the memory of  MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI. This is also known as Non-violence Day as he believed in non-violence. So this day has been celebrated as International non-violence days since 2007. Gandhi ji is known for his non-violence and truth. Gandhi ji was born in small village of Porbandar, Gujarat in 1869. Gandhi ji went to England to complete his law education and got the law degree. Then he returned to India. Then he went to South Africa to do his job. Gandhi ji wrote their biography in the book titled सच्चाई के साथ मेरा प्रयोग’. He fought against British Government in order to get freedom from them.

Mahatma Gandhi: A True Peacemaker | by Dev | Medium

Gandhi ji lived as a simple man and with good thoughts. Gandhi ji was against the tobacco, non-vegetarian and untouchability. The opening of liquor stores is banned by government this day. Gandhi ji believed in non-violence and truth who started the Satyagraha Movement for the freedom of India. His statue in Rajghat, Delhi is decorated by fascinating flowers. Prayer is recited. And his favourite song रघुपति राघव राजा राम, पतित पावन सीता राम…” is sung and pay tribute to him.

Mahatma Gandhi was a great person who had played a crucial role in getting freedom from British Government. Gandhiji proved that freedom can be obtained by non-violence, peacefully. Gandhi ji is still known for his Satyagrah movement.

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