GST Rates in 2021/

GST Rates in 2021 !

42nd GST council meeting revision GST Rate :-

The 42nd GST council meeting was held on 05.10.2020 and the following decisions have been taken regarding GST rates.

  • GST exemption provided to satellite launch services by ISRO, Antrix corporation / NSIL to encourage space launching services in India. The non-alcohol based sanitisers will continue to be taxed at an 18% GST rate.
  • GST Rates in 2021 – List of Goods and Service Tax Rates, Slab & Revision

GST Rate revision in 38th GST council meeting

38th GST council was held on 18.12.201, Wednesday at New Delhi. The following

are the cuts announced at the 38th GST council meeting :

Item Old Rate New Rate
Lotteries (state-owned) 12% 28%
Lotteries (state-authorised) 28% 28%
Woven and non-woven fabrics 12% 18%
Sacks of polythene and polypropylene in nature 12% 18%

GST rate changes will apply from 1 March 2020 for lottery and from 01.01.2020 for bags and sacks.

GST Rate revision in 39th GST council meeting

39th GST Council meeting was held on14.03.2020, Saturday at New Delhi.

Item Old Rate New Rate
Mobile phones and Specified parts 12% 18%
Handmade matches 5% 12%
Other than handmade matches 18% 12%
Aircraft MRO 18% 5%

The rate changes are effective from 01.04.2020.

GST Rate revision in 37th GST council meeting

GST council had its 37th meet held at Goa on 20.09.2021 Friday.

GST Rate Revision effective from 01.09.2019

Item Old Rate New Rate
Plates and cups made of flowers, leaves and bark 5% Nil
Caffeinated Beverages 18% 28%+12% cess
Supplies of Railways wagons & coaches 5% 12%
Outdoor catering 18% 5%
Diamond job work 5% 1.50%
Other job work 18% 12%
Hotels 28% 18%
Hotels 18% 12%
Woven/ Non-woven Polyethylene packaging bags 18% 12%
Marine fuel 18% 5%
Almond milk 18%
Slide fasteners 18% 12%
Wet grinders 12% 5%
Dried Tamarind 5% Nil
Semi-precious stones-cut & polished 3% 0.25%
Specified goods for petroleum operation under HELP Applicable Rate 5%

*Hydrocarbon Exploration licensing Policy

Item Current Rate New rate
Cess on petrol motor vehicles 15% 1%
Cess on diesel motor vehicles 15% 3%

GST Exemption available for:

*Supply to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) for specified projects in India.

*Supplies to FIFA- specified persons for the Under-17 Women’s Football World Cup in India.

*Imports of certain defence goods not made indigenously .

*Supply of silver/platinum by specified agencies (Diamond India Ltd) for export.

*Import of Silver or Platinum by specified agencies (Diamond India Ltd).

GST Rate Revision in 36th GST Council meeting

GST Council had its 36th meet via video conference on 27.07.2019 Saturday.

Items Before After
Electric chargers 18% 5%
Electric vehicles 12% 5%

GST Rate revision in 31st GST council meeting

Here is a summarized version of the rate cuts on both goods and Services :

List of goods/services Changes in Tax Rate
Vegetables provisionally preserved but unsuitable for immediate consumption       5% to Nil
Vegetables cooked/uncooked via steamed, frozen or boiled (branded)       5% to Nil
Music Books       12% to Nil
Parts for manufacturing renewable energy devices falling under chapter 84, 85 or 94 of Tariff       5%
Natural cork       12% to 5%
Fly ash blocks       12% to 5%
Walking sticks       12% to 5%
Marble rubble       18% to 5%
Agglomerated cork       18% to 12%
Cork roughly squared or debugged       18% to 12%
Articles of Natural cork       18% to 12%
Movie Tickets < or = Rs 100       18% to 12%
Premium on Third party insurance on Vehicles       18% to 12%
Accessories for Handicapped Mobility Vehicles       28% to 5%
Power banks       28% to 18%
28% to 18%
Video game consoles, equipments used for Billiards and Snooker and other sport related items of HSN code 9504       28% to 18%
Retreated & used pneumatic Rubber Tyres       28% to 18%


Colour Television Sets & monitors up to “32 Inches”       28% to 18%
Digital & Video Camera recorders       28% to 18%
Pulleys, transmission shafts, cranks and gear boxes under HSN 8483       28% to 18%


Tax rate on Air travel of pilgrims reduced      28% to 18%

For travel by non-scheduled/chartered operations for religious pilgrimage which are facilitated by GoI under bi-lateral agreements. Others: -GST on the composite supply of goods attracting 5% GST rate where it is supplied along with the supply of construction services and other goods for solar power plant, is now levied as follows:

*70% of value is considered as supply of goods and taxed at 5% GST.

*Remaining 30% of the EPC contract value is supply of service and attracts standard tax rate for service.

-Rate of 5%/18% to be applied based on transaction value of footwear. -Uniform GST rate of 12% on Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) from existing 5%/12% (depending on the value).

Services recommended for exemption                                    

*Services supplied by banks to Basic Saving Bank Deposit (BSBD) account holders under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)

*Services supplied by rehabilitation professionals recognised under Rehabilitation Council of India Act, 1992 at hospitals, schools or rehabilitation centres established by Government or charitable institute registered under Section 12AA of The Income tax Act,1961.

*Loan guarantee services provided by Government to its undertakings and PSUs for bank loans.

Goods recommended for exemption

*Supply of gold by Nominated Agencies to exporters of article of gold Jewellery.

*Proceeds received by Government from auction of gifts received by President, Prime Minister, Governor or Chief Minister of a State and public servants, the proceeds of which is used for public or charitable cause.

*Vehicles imported for temporary purposes under the Customs Convention on the Temporary importation of Private Road Vehicles (carnet de passages-en-douane) will be exempt from IGST and Compensation cess.

In addition to the above, a few other items were mentioned in the Council’s announcement of GST rates. These items and the applicable GST rates on them are as follows:

Goods under GST Slabs

5% Tax Slab

*Sugar, Tea, Coffee and Edible oil will fall under the 5 % slab, while cereals, milk will be part of the exempt list under GST. This is to ensure that basic goods are available at affordable prices. However, instant food has been kept outside this bracket so, no relief for Maggie lovers.

*Coal to be taxed at 5 % against current 11.69 %. This will prove beneficial for the power sector and heavy industries which rely on coal supply. This will also help curb inflation. Expect a good run for Coal India tomorrow.

*The ‘mithai’ from the neighbouring sweet shop might lose some of its flavors as Indian sweets will now be taxable at 5 %. If you have a sweet tooth, this could hurt your pocket a wee bit in the coming days.

18% Tax slab

*Toothpaste, hair oil, and soaps will all be taxed at 18 %, where currently they are taxed at 28 % Most of the cosmetics and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands should get the benefit of this tax reduction. After all, Fair and Lovely might seem fairer in its pricing from now on.

*The Council has set the rate for capital goods and industrial intermediate items at 18 per cent. This will positively impact domestic manufacturers as seamless input credit will be available for all capital goods. Indeed, it is time for “Make In India”.

Services under GST Slabs

*for restaurants serving alcohol, the tax bracket will be 18 per cent

*education, healthcare are going to be exempted from GST

*services on Non-AC restaurants will be 12 %

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