Immune System is capable of fighting Corona virus

Immune System is capable of fighting Corona virus




Galley, Pranayama, kapal bharti, Alom velum, proper diet, self-care is help full to increase immune system.

A patient’ s immune system can produce antibodies that fight mild to moderate cases of the novel coronavirus  according to a breakthrough study that experts say will be crucial in the development of a vaccine for the disease.

A-47 year old woman in Melbourne Australia with mild to moderate coronavirus disease or Covid 19 Produced antibodies that fought the infection and recovered about 10 days without any medicines the

study found.

The paper published in nature medicine journal on Tuesday by researchers at the peter Doherty institute for Infection and Immunity university of Melbourne was based on blood samples tested at four different time points which detailed how a patient’ s immune system responds to the virus.

To be sure the patient was otherwise healthy the disease was of a mild to moderate nature and she was a nonsmoker. She was administered intravenous fluids to prevent dehydration but not given any antibiotics steroids or antiviral agents to treat the infection that primarily affected her lungs she had travelled from Wuhan in china the epicenter of the global epidemic.

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