What is Education – Education is the process of collecting knowledge by learning things and experiencing ideas that provide an understanding of something. The main aim of Education is to develop a person’s confidence and increase his ability to think and learn new things.


“Education is the most important thing to get succeeded in which field you want to be in this competitive world” –Issac Newton


Importance of education in our life – Education is considered as the most important thing for all-round development in a person’s life. In order to live a joy full life and

to enjoy the good things that the world has offered to us, we just need to get educated. Education increases our understanding of the difference between right and wrong. It is the only thing by which we can see the world as a fair place where everyone is given equal opportunities.


Education takes a crucial role making us both financially and socially independent. As we know the importance of money for survival in Today’s world, we must make ourselves educate to choose better career options.


Importance of education in our surroundings – The Importance of Education in our society can never be neglected since it contributes to Social Harmony and peace. On being educated, a person is well aware of the results of illegal actions and there is very less chance for that person to do something wrong or illegal. Education makes us self reliance, which is the goal of our present prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi and it makes us wiser enough to take our own decisions.


Importance of education in student life – Education is undoubtedly the most important thing in a student’s life. It is just like the oxygen because it gives us the required knowledge and skills to survive in this competitive natured world.


Whatever we want to become in life or what career we choose, education is the best way by  which may be able to achieve our goal. Besides its socio-economic benefits, education gives us the confidence to express our views and opinions in society.


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