INDIA FARMER’S PROTEST 2020-21 is not a farmer protest  it is hijeck by anti National elements.


The 2020-2021 India farmer’s protest is an ongoing protest again thee framer acts which were passed by the parliament India in September 2020.

Farmer unions and their representatives have demanded that the laws be repealed and will not accept anything short of it. Farmer leaders nave rejected a supreme court of India stay order on the implementation of the farm laws as well as the involvement of a supreme court appointed committee. Farmer leaders have also rejected a government proposal, dated 21 january

2021, of suspending the law for 18 months. Eleven rounds of talks have taken place between the central government and farmers represented by the farm unions between 14 october 2020 january 2021; all were inconclusive. On 3 February; farmer leaders warned of escalating the protest to overthrowing the government if the farm laws were not repealed. However, the stay order on the implementation of the farm laws remains in effect as of 29 January, and the superme court          appointed committee continues with its tasks related to the farm laws and have asked for suggestions from the public before 20 February 2021.

The acts ,often called the farm bills, have been described as “ anti-farmer laws” by many farmer unions, and politicians from the         apposition also say it would leave farmers at the “mercy of corporates” the farmers have also demanded the creation of an minimum support price bills,to enure that      corporates cannot control the prices. The government , however, maintains that the laws will make it effortless for farmers to sell their produce diractly to big buyers, and stated that the protests are based on misinformation.

On 26 January,tens of thousands of the farmers protesting againts the  agricultural reforms help a farmer’s parade with a large convoy of tractors and drove into delhi. The protesters deviated from the pre-sanctioned roultes permittedby the delhi police. The tractor rally turned into a violent prostest at certain points as the protesting farmers drove through the barricades and clashed with the police .


INDIA FARMER’S PROTEST 2020-21. Contents hide INDIA FARMER’S PROTEST 2020-21. INDIA FARMER’S PROTEST 2020-21 is not a farmer protest it is…

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