INR rate on different currency today 14-3-2022


INR rate on different currency today 14-3-2022

Foreign currency exchange rates in Indian today. Foreign currency is important for buying or selling goods and services,medical, touriest, space services, to other country.   Currencies rate are updated time to time . Currency buying and selling rate are different and very  from bank to bank littlie bit.

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US Dollars

76.55 INR


83.57 INR

British Pound

99.67 INR

New Zealand Dollar

52 INR

Australian Dollars

55.56 INR

UAE Dirham

20.84 INR

Qatari Rial

21.03 INR

Japanese Yen

0.6501 INR

Saudi Riyal

20.41 INR

Canadian Dollar

59.95 INR

Swiss Franc

82.81 INR

Bahraini Dinar

203.06 INR

Omani Rial

199 INR

Kuwaiti Dinar

252.31 INR

Thai Baht

2.291 INR

Danish Krone

11.23 INR

Singapore Dollar

56.08 INR

Malaysian Ringgit

18.2 INR

Swedish Krona

7.86 INR

South African Rand

5.09 INR

Chinese Yuan

12.05 INR

Hong Kong Dollar

9.78 INR

Russian Ruble


Israeli Shekel


Sri Lanka Rand


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