letter for adopt good habits

  letter for adopt good habits


Pandav nagar Samrajya

7th September, 2020


Dear Gaganendra Bahubali

I have just received a letter from Father complaining bitterly about your idle ways and extravagant habits. He says that you choose good-for-nothing fellows as your companions, and that you waste your time, energy and money in idle pursuits. Be straight in mind thing, positive think, good however the situation happened good or bad with you so that no one can complains about you. Do something big or everybody feels proud on you.

I need not tell you how deeply I have been pained to learn all this about you. I never dreamed that you would fall into evil company, and find pleasure in behavior of this kind. We had hopes of you, and it would mean a bitter disappointment to all of us if you turned out a failure in life.

If you do not realize your responsibilities now, and make the fullest use of the opportunities available to you, in later life you will repent bitterly of your folly. And remember, if you waste these precious years, you will never have a chance to acquire the blessing of knowledge.

As your elder brother, it is my duty to urge you, if you have any feelings for your family, to give up your idle associates, and to work honestly, diligently and regularly at your studies. By all means take part in innocent entertainment and healthy amusements in your leisure hours; but do not forget that studies always come first and recreation afterwards.

I hope you will act upon my advice and mend your ways at once and apply yourself to your studies in real earnest.

With best wishes from

Your affectionate brother,

Katappa Mama.

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