Letter for dinner party

    Letter for dinner party

D park, Road,


18th November, 20…..

My dear Sankhla,

             You must be thinking me very rude for my failure to attend the dinner-party at your house the day            before yesterday, but let me assure you that I was helpless in the matter. I am very Sorry I was not able to keep, my promise; but when you know what it was that prevented me, I hope you will understand and excuse me.

I was just getting ready to come to your house when I received a telegram telling me that my cousin, Mr. Vishal (you know him,

I think) had met with a serious accident and was lying in a dangerous condition in the National Hospital. I felt very upset, and rushed off at once to the station to catch the earliest train. I am sorry that, as I had no servant then, I could not send a message to you.

When I got to the hospital, I found my cousin unconscious. He was not yet out of danger. He had sustained serious injuries to the head. I sat the whole night by his beside, and it was a great relief when he regained consciousness in the morning and showed that he recognized me. I am glad to say that he is a little better now, though it may be weeks before he completely recovers.

So now you see why I could not come. I hope my absence did not upset your arrangement too much.

    With kind regards,

I remain,         


20th December,20….

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