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Modi Beard

Modi Beard  is question for every on. Prime Minister Narendra is a great world leader. July and August 2019 no one knows what will happen after some time. World and time is contiguous run according it own normal speed. But suddenly new come on electronic media that a virus found in China that is very dangerous for human being many people died and many people suffered from fever. China never told to world about Corona virus but when corona virus reaches many countries than world understood that there is a serious     virus in Wuhan.  Corona Virus affect India, Russia,

America, England, France, Germany and many other  around 221 countries in the world.  Corona Virus affects children, youngster, middle age, old age, and each and every person.  Due to Corona virus entire world went in to lockdown each and every person suffer from an unknown panic in the future.  Why entire world suffered such mahamari due to China but no one ask from China?

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Due to Corona virus India also suffered from entire lockdown within three days. How it is possible to  stay home 135 crore people but PM  Modi done it easily  “ JO jaha hai woh wahi rahe”  it is very painfully  for PM Modi that school are shutdown between Examination period  raato rat  industry, train, plane, bus, auto bund  karna pada.

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Narandra Modi  take tough decision like Remove Article 370, Article 35A,  Tripal Tlak, Ram Mandir, change China policy, Pakistan policy etc,  Modi wish to make in India Vaccine to done by Modi Government only.If  such time Congress Government would be in power many people loss their  life and Indian Vaccine never come in to exist. Modi Stat many Central    government scheme to help country man. Now Central Government stat free Vaccine to citizen of India.  Many office start online work from home.  Due to Digital India scheme India recover from First and second wave of corona virus during the lockdown you see PM Narendra  new look with long beard .

Question emerge why modi  come into  new look with long beard it may be a sankalp for

Corona free India or,

India Development or,

Permanent seat of India in United Security Council or,

China fear free world   or,

Pakistani aatankwad free India or,

Any other thing

That is know only Prime Minister Narendra Modi


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    Modi Beard Modi Beard  is question for every on. Prime Minister Narendra is a great world leader. July and…