My Daily Routine 2022 :- Daily Routine

My Daily Routine 2022 :- My School’s Daily Routine

My Daily Routine

1. Wake Up Time  :- My name is Karan Singh. I wake up every day at 6 am in the morning. After that I wash my hands and face. Then I drink a glass of warm water. After that, I walk here and there for a while. Then I brush. After that I exercise for 15 minutes. But on Sunday my daily routine is different. Because on Sunday morning I go for a walk in the garden (park) with my mom and daddy. And after that, I go on cycle.

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2 . Taking Bath : – After that I go for bath. I take a bucket of water every day for bathing. Contains about 10-15 liters of water. My bath water comes from the tank. And we filter the water with air. We should take a bath by pouring water in a bucket while taking a bath. And the tap should be closed properly. The water that comes out from AC and ARO. It should be collected in a jar and put trees and plants. And we should take as much water as we need for drinking. Because “there is water. So there is tomorrow.” By doing this, water is also saved.

3.Break Fast :- I eat different things every morning in breakfast. But I worship God daily before having breakfast. First of all, I recite Hanuman Chalisa by lighting the lamp of God. And then I offer water to the Sun God. And I go to the temple everyday. Because my mother says so. We should worship God above all. After that I have breakfast. For breakfast, I take a paratha and glass of milk. After that I take my lunch and go to the school bus stop. My school bus arrives in front of my house at seven o’clock. My school timings are from 8:00 am to 2:20 pm. After that I am able to reach home from school by 2:45 pm. Then I come after changing my dress and washing my hands. Then I go to play with my younger brother and friends.

4.Which items do you Eat ?

Monday:- I take potato paratha and a glass of milk for breakfast.

Tuesday :- I take apple/banana and a glass of milk for breakfast.

Wednesday :- I take poha and a glass of milk for breakfast.

Thursday/Thursday:- I take soaked almonds and a glass of milk for breakfast.

Friday: – I take plain paratha and a glass of milk for breakfast.

Saturday: I take sweets and a glass of milk for breakfast.

Sunday: I have pasta or Maggi and a glass of milk for breakfast. (A glass of milk is my breakfast every day, but in summers, sometimes I have curd.)

5 .Who  does  Make these  Items?  :- My mother makes my breakfast in the morning.

6.which Materials are used  to make them :- We need the following materials to make all these things.

Ingredients :- Flour, pulses, rice, ghee, vegetables, spices, water etc. are required.

7.It is the  food safe . :- Yes, whatever food I eat. He is safe. Because that home food is full of nutrients. Pure oil and desi ghee are made fresh. Which is very good for our health. Because a balanced diet provides adequate amount of nutrition in the body. And our body gets the strength (shakti) to fight diseases. Because the food that is made at home. It contains all the vitamins and proteins. That’s why we should always eat home cooked food. And only pure vegetarian food should be eaten. Which is very beneficial for our health. That’s why homemade food is safe.

8. Where  the food was cooked : – In the house, the food was prepared in the kitchen.

9 .Study Time :- I do homework first in the evening after coming back from school every day. After that the one who taught in school. I miss him.

10 .Watching TV  :- I watch TV for one hour every night from Monday to Saturday. And on Sundays, I watch TV for an hour a day. And also watch TV for an hour in the evening. If on any Sunday, we go for a walk with the family. Then I don’t watch TV at all that day.

11 .Which TV channal  do you watch  :- Me and all the members of our family watch Sony SAB channel. And watch Zee News channel.

12 .How  much  time do you watch  the tv ?  :-  I watch TV for one hour every night. And on Sundays I watch TV for two and a half hours.

13 Which  TV  Program do you like:_ I watch this serial at night with all my family members. Because it is a comedy full serial. And I also love Taarak Mehta’s Chhota Chashmah.

14 .Lunch Time  :-  Our school lunch time is 11:00 AM. That’s why I eat lunch at 11 o’clock. But on Sunday my lunch time is 2 pm. Because all the members of my house together eat lunch at 2 o’clock.

15 Dinner Time :- I eat dinner with all my family members till 8:00 pm.

16 .Playing Time  :- I play with my younger sister-brother and friends from 3 o’clock to 4 o’clock after coming back home from school. And then in the evening also I play physical for a while.

17.Hobbies  :-  I am very fond of playing cricket. And whenever my friends and I come to play. So I tell them to play cricket only. Because cricket is my hobby. By the way, I like to play many other games. But my favorite sport is cricket. Whenever I play cricket, I feel very happy. Most of the time, a lot of our ball is lost in hitting fours and sixes. And when someday we go to the park or to the open field. So I also like to cycle. And I love to eat sweets, read, draw pictures, go for walks, and most of all, run and play with my Daddy

18  Sleeping Time  :-  I go to sleep at night at 9:00.PM

Good night

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