My daily routine for student

My daily routine for student

Wake up time

I get up 6 o clock in the morning. After that I sit on bed up to five minutes.

After that I take one glass of little hot water.

After that I walk here and there sometimes.

After that i brush my teeth.

But on Sunday my daily routine is different because I visit to park in the morning with my mummy and papa

Bathing time

After that  I go to take bath. I use one bucket of water to take bath everyday such bucket have around 14-15 litter of water. In my house water come from storage water tank at roof.  We filter drinking water with RO. We should use bucket to take bath so that save water. We should close tap properly after take bath. Water realise from AC and RO we should collect in a pot so that we put such water in tree.

Every day I eat different thing I breakfast. I pray every day with God before I take breakfast. I first lighting Deepak  before God and I read hanuman chalisha after that  I offer jal to sun   whatever we are

Because of God. After that I take one paratha and glass of milk. My school van come at 7 AM at my home.

My school timing is 8 AM to 2.20 PM .  After  school leave I reach my home at 2.45PM. I change my dress and wash hand & face. I play with my brother and friend.


Monday: I take potato paratha and one glass of milk.

Tuesday: I take banana/Apple and one glass of milk

Wednesday: I take Poha and one glass of milk.

Thursday: I take  almond and one glass of  milk.

Friday: I take some sweets and one glass of milk

Saturday: I take plan paratha and one glass of milk

Sunday: I take pasta and one glass of milk.

Who does make these items?

My mummy made my breakfast.

Which materials are used to make them?

Materials: Aata, dal, rice, ghee vegetables

Is the food is safe ?



Yes   food is safe because we care vitamin and protein. We also use fresh vegetables and foods items to prepare food.  We  maintain cleanness in the kitchen.


Where the food was cooked ?

Food is cooked in kitchen


Study Time:

I study 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM


Watching tv:

I watch TV   7.00 PM to 8 PM


Which TV channel do you watch?

I watch Sony Sab TV Channel

Which TV programme do you like ?

I like Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasma

Lunch time:

My lunch time is 11.00 AM

Dinner time

My dinner time is 8 PM

Playing time

My playing time is 5.30 Pm to 6.30 Pm


I like to play cricket

Sleeping time

My sleeping time is 9 PM to 6 AM