NCERT class 3 English chapter vi

NCERT class 3 English chapter vi

Class 3rd Question & Answers from (NCERT)



Article I.                               reading is  fun

  1. Where do the trains run?
  • Ans.: The train is running over the mountains, over the plains, over the rivers.
  1. What are the “precious loads” that they carry?
  • : The train is carrying passengers, mails bringing their precious loads in without fail.
  1. When do the trains run?
  • : The thousands of freight cars all are rushing on through day and darkness, through dusk and dawn.
  1. What is ‘dusk’ and ‘dawn’?
  • : Dusk and Dawn represent to the morning to evening.

Article II.                                         talk time


  1. Do you enjoy train rides?
  • : Yes sure,
    I like to be traveling on a train.
  1. If you had to travel over a long distance, how would you like to go and why?
  • : I would like to travel in a Aeroplane for the long distance journey.
  1. If you had to spend the night on a train, what would you need to?
  • : I must need for a night travel is a ‘Mobile Phone’ and a ‘Comic’ book and some ‘Snakes’ too

Draw and name the things you would need in this suitcase.



Article III.                                         let’s write


Describe an interesting train or bus journey you have taken, or would like to take. Write four sentences about your journey. You can use some of the following words and phrases.

Many People                                  Crowed tea stalls

Station/bus station                           River

Window                                           Big and small trees

Seat                                                   Hills

Ticket                                                Loud whistle

Example: I went to railway station with my father…….

  • A few months ago I was travelling on a train it has many people in a coach.
  • I were sit on a window seat, with my family
  • The train is whistling so loud and the sound was so high.
  • There were so many hills in the middle of the way

Article IV.                                          word building

  1. Sort out these different means of transport into correct groups. One is done for you

Bus               Car               Aeroplane            Ship            Boat

Trains           Bicycle         Helicopter            Truck          Steamer


Land                        Air                         Water


–Bus–                –Helicopter–             –Streamer–

–Bicycle–             –Aeroplane–             –Submarine–

–Truck–            –Hot air balloon–          –Boat—


Train          Bicycle         Helicopter       Truck         Streamer

  1. Complete the sentences


  1. Give me some food……… to eat. (food/clothes)
  2. Play with…me…….. (me/grey)
  3. Swim across the river…….. (the river/the boat)
  4. Let’s get on the …train………. (train/dawn)


  • Let’s Move

Crouch low, then rise, take off and move around the room. Come down like a rocket and dance to:

Up, up, up in a rocket, up we’ll go, up we’ll go,

Up, up, up in a rocket, A-way-up-high we’ll go.

  • Say aloud

Engine, Engine Number Nine

Engine engine number nine,

When she’s polished she will shine

Engine, engine number nine

Ten will ride on the Shimla line.

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