NCERT class 3 English unit ix question answer

NCERT class 3 English unit ix question answer

Class 3rd Question & Answers from (NCERT)


Don’t Tell

Article I.                             reading is fun

  1. How old is the speaker?

Ans.: The Speaker is young child yet.

  1. Who are ‘they’ and ‘them’ in the poem?

Ans.: ‘They’ and ‘them’ are the parents of the child or grown-up people.

  1. What is the secret the speaker is hiding?

Ans.: He is hiding that he is really giant from inside.

Article II.                                     Talk time

  1. Think of three things that ‘they’ won’t let you do.

Ans.: They won’t allow me to go to market alone, they won’t allow me to handle electric appliances, and they won’t allow me to bug gas stove.

  1. What are the things you’d like to do when you are grown-up that you can’t do now?

Ans.: Handling electrical appliances, driving bikes or cars, travelling alone, washing my clothes, using my personal mobile phone, surfing etc.


Article III.                                  Word Building

  1. Using the letters of the given word, make three word.

One is done for you.

Blackboard          Mother       Vegetable        Thousand        Helicopter

Black                _Other_       _Get_              _Sand_             _Help_

Board                  _Her_       _Table_             _and_                _Pilot_

Back                   _Moth_       _Able_              _Hand_              _Pet_


  1. Look at these words in the poem.

Don’t        I’m         I’ll

Here are their full forms:

Don’t – Do not             I’m – I am                   I’ll – I will


  1. Now write the full forms of the following words.

Can’t -_Cannot _        it’s – _It is_            isn’t -_It is not_

What’s – _What is_          that’s – _That is_


  1. Make sentences using the following

He’s        she’s      you’re      we’re

  1. He’s my best friend.
  2. She’s so sweet and innocent.
  3. You’re very intelligent guy.
  4. We’re in a same school, in a same class, even in the same age.


iii. Now write about two thinks you’ll do when you grow up.

You can begin like this:

When I grow up I’ll _go out of India for job, and hopefully want to stay there for the long time._

_When I grow up I’ll travel everywhere alone._

_When I grow up I’ll drive my car._

Article IV.                                   team chart

  • Class Word Chart – How many new words have you learnt?

Write Down three words you have learnt so far. Write them down on a chart or blackboard. Tell their meanings to the class.


Article V.                                       say loud


Choose and tick the words with a ‘j’ sound


  1. January goose gem             jam
  2. Jacket giraffe grow           July
  3. Giant grapes grey            June

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