NCERT class 3 English unit vii question answer

  NCERT class 3 English unit vii question answer

Class 3rd Question & Answers form (NCERT)

Little Tiger, Big Tiger

Article I.                               reading is fun

  1. Tick the right answer
  2. Where did the mother tiger and her small tiger cub live?
  3. Near a river                     near a forest
  4. Near a mountain near a sea


  1. What did the mother tiger hunt when the sky was dark?
  2. Sheep and goats deer and pigs
  3. Fish and frog donkey and horses


  • What did the tiger cub catch one night?
  1. A Deer A Pig
  2. A Frog A Cat


  1. What happened to the little tiger cub when he chased the frog?

Ans.: One night he chased the frog and caught it, and turned to show his mother. But she was not in sight. Instead he saw a tiger, bigger than his mother, near him in the jungle.

Article II.                                             word building

  1. Match the animals with their young ones.


Horse             –                         Foal

Dog                –                         Puppy

Cat                 –                          Kitten

Cow                –                         Calf

Pig                  –                         Piglet

Tiger               –                         Cub

Sheep              –                         Lamb

Goat                –                         Kid

Duck               –                         Duckling


  1. Word Game: Can you place these letters in their right order to from the names of animals?

e.g.      a t c –      Cat

s e m o u                __Mouse__

r e s o h                  __Horse__

o i n l                      __Lion__

p e s h e                  __Sheep__

r e d e                     __Deer__

l u b l                      __Bull__

g i t e r                    __Tiger__

f o l w                     __Wolf__


  1. The animals/birds in Column A have to reach their homes in Column B. find out where they live.

A                                        B

A Bee                lived in                      Hive

A  Ant               lived in                      Ant hill

A Duck              lives in                      Pond

A Tiger              lives in                      Den

A Rabbit            lived in                     Burrow

A spider             lived in                      Web

A Sparrow          lived in                      Nest

Article III.                                   let’s write


  1. Now write six sentences from the pictures given in exercise (iii) of word building. One has been done for you below.
  2. 1. A tiger lives in a den.
  3. 2. He has a strong teethes and bigger in side.
  4. 3. A Honey Bee is very small in a size and very dangerous, it gives us sweet and tasty honey.
  5. 4. Rabbit lives in under the ground and loved to eat carrot.
  6. Duck can swim easily on the water.
  7. 6. A sparrow is a very small and sweet bird, it speaks early in the morning and its sounds like good.


Article IV.                                      Talk Time

The little tiger cub slipped away when his mother was asleep. He soon got into trouble. Tell the class about a similar incident when you did not listen to your parents and found yourself in trouble.


Article V.                                           team time


  • Make groups. One person from each group should act like:


  1. The mother tiger The cub
  2. The large male tiger               4. The frog
  3. The sambhar/kakar deer 6. The langur monkey

Now act out the story, first in your own language and then in English.

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