NCERT class 3 English Unit V(II) question answer

  NCERT class 3 English Unit V(II) question answer

Class 3rd Question Answers from (NCERT)

The Yellow Butterfly

Article I.                               reading is fun

  1. Where did Sonu First see the yellow butterfly?

Ans.:  Sonu saw a yellow butterfly flew around in Sonu’s garden.

  1. Name three places where the butterfly rested.

Ans.: Three places where the butterfly rested: Rose, Floating leaf and Pretty flowers, at last there was a big spider’s web in the peach tree. The butterfly was caught in the spider’s web

  1. Why did Sonu chase the butterfly?

Ans.: Sonu loved the little butterfly.

  1. Why did Sonu let the butterfly go?

Ans.: Butterfly looked sad in Sonu’s hand. Sonu wanted it to be happy so he let the butterfly go.

Article II.                                           talk time

  1. If you were a butterfly, how would you feel if you were caught?

Ans.: I could feel so sad for me, I might be cry, I could try to call someone, “who can take me out of there.

  1. Why did the butterfly go to the flowers in the garden?

Ans.: Butterfly loves to have the juice of flower, so that why they go to the flowers garden.

  1. Say these sentences aloud.


Butterflies can fly.              Birds can fly.

Kites can fly.                       Aeroplanes can fly.

Can we fly?

No, we can’t. We can fly in an aeroplane.


Article III.                                              team time


  • Activity: Paper fun


  1. Take a sheet of paper. Cut two squares of the same size.
  2. Fold them like a fan.
  3. Hold both the folded squares and tie a thread in the middle.
  4. Now spread the folds, and the wings of your butterfly are ready.
  5. Cut the body of the butterfly and draw its eyes. Put a smile on its face.
  6. Stick it on the wings and your butterfly is ready.
  7. You may decorate your butterfly by sticking some bindis, beads or sequins on it.

Article IV.                                            word building


  • Make two words from one word. One has been done for you.

Butterfly                      Butter                       Fly

Everywhere             __Every__             __Where__

Inside                        __In__                 __Side__

Outside                    __Out__                __Side__

Sunlight                    __Sun__                __Light__


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