NCERT class 3 English unit viii question answer

NCERT class 3 English unit viii question answer

Class 3rd Question & Answers from (NCERT)

My Silly Sister

Article I.                                   reading is fun

  1. What does the baby do with the pebbles?

Ans.: The baby play with pebble sheep think they are real food, she even tries to put them into her mouth.

  1. What does the baby do with the book?

Ans.: When I open a book before her and ask her to learn her abc, she tears the pages with her hands and roar with joy at nothing.

  1. When does the baby laugh?

Ans.: When I shake my head at her in anger and scold her, or call her naughty, she laughs and thinks it great fun.

  1. Why does the washerman bring donkeys?

Ans.: Sometimes I hold a class with the donkeys that our washerman brings to carry away the dirty clothes.


Article II.                                         Talk time


  1. What is the funniest thing the baby does?

Ans.: Baby wants to catch the moon. She is really funny.

  1. Do you think the baby sister is really silly? Why?

Ans.: The baby child doesn’t know the difference between the light lamps and the bright stars in the sky so maybe I hope she is silly.


Let’s Move and Dance

Hands are for clapping,

Feet are for walking,

Hips are for Shaking,

Arms are for stretching,

Eyes are for blinking,

Heads are for nodding,

Elbows are for moving,

.Mouths are for talking.

(You can make similar verses of your own.)

Article III.                                        Word building


  1. Fill in the blanks to spell words from the story.

Si_ll_y.  (Silly)

Pe _bb_l_e_s.  (Pebbles)

Str_e_ets. (Streets)

S_c_old.  (scold)

Le_ss_ons.  (Lessons)

N_a_u_g_hty.    (Naughty)

Exc_i_t_e_m_e_nt.     (Excitement)

D_o_nk_e_y.     (Donkey)


  1. Write similar words from the story:

Foolish                    _shoelace_

Stones                      _clones_

Mischievous             _solicitous_

Fetch                        _vetch_

  1. Fill in the blanks with words from the box

Children       They             bell

The    _Children_      are playing in the field. _they_   are happy.

_They_ are playing ‘catch-me-if-you-can.’

The _bell_ has rung. It is time for lesions.


  1. Fill in the blanks
  2. One Child, many _children_.
  3. One fox, many _foxes_.

iii. One duck, many _ducks_.

  1. One goose, many _geese_.


  1. Add ‘ful’ to make a word.
  2. The Children are _Playful_. (Play)
  3. The flowers are _Beautiful_. (beauty)
  4. The books are _useful_. (use)
  5. The vegetable are _plentyful_. (Plenty)
  6. Add ‘ly’ to make a word
  7. The new shoes are _lovely_. (love)
  8. He is _really_ smart. (real)
  9. We should eat _slowly_. (slow)
  10. Let us sing _softly_. (soft)
  11. Add ‘ish’ to make a new word.
  12.    That girl is always crying. She is _childish_. (child)
  13.   I slipped on a banana peel. I feel _foolish_. (fool)
  14.   My sister is _babies_. (baby)

Article IV.                                         Let’s write

  • Write five sentences on how you help at home.

I help mother   _for making breakfast, lunch, dinner everyday._

I help father     _ to cleaning garden every weekend._

I also help my brother in   _in his home work._

I also help my sister with   _cleaning home and then decorate. _

I do _everything except buying something from market_ in the house.

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