NCERT class 3 English unit x question answer

NCERT class 3 English unit x question answer

Class 3rd Question and Answers From (NCERT)


Article I. Reading is fun

  1. Why is the Camel called the ship of the desert?

Ans.: The camel is  called the ship of the Desert because it walk across the burning sand very comfortably.

  1. For how many weeks can a Camel store food in its hump?

Ans.: A camel can store food in it humps for two weeks.

  1. What does the camel eat in the desert?

Ans.: The camel eats thorny bushes in the desert.

  1. Choose the right answer.
  2.       Name the Ship of the Desert:

(a)  Lion            (c) Camel

(b)  Crab            (d) Tiger

  1. Name the King of the Forest:

(a) Lion              (c) Monkey

(b) Own              (d) Crocodile

iii. The Feet of the Camel are

(a) Thick and padded      (c) Thick and fat

(b) Long and fat               (d) Thin and paddle

  1. There are no rivers or lakes in

(a) Plain                          (c) plateaus

(b) Mountain                  (d) Desert

  1. At a time a camel can drink

(a) 200 bottles of water      (c) 100 bottles of water

(b) 400 Bottles of water     (d) 300 bottles of water

  1. A camel store its food in its

(a) Stomach                   (c) Legs

(b) Hump                      (d) Lips

Article II.         word building

  • Make as many words as you can from within the given words.

The first one is done for you.

ROARING               IN                     RAN                             ROAR

FROWNING            _OWN_                  -FROWN-                   _WING_

BLINKING              _INK_                    _BLINK_                   _KING_

WONDERINGLY     _WONDER           _RING_                   _WRONG_


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