NCERT class 3 English unit x question answer

NCERT class 3 English unit x question answer

Class 3rd Question and Answers from (NCERT)


How Creatures Move


  • Under Line all the action words in the poem.
  • The action words in the poem are:
  • Walks
  • Wiggle
  • Have
  • Leaps
  • Crawl
  • Hop
  • Dance
  • Dive
  • Spread
  • Walk
  • Swim
  • Sail
  • Run


Article II.         TALK TIME

  • Why do boys and girls have the most fun?
  • Boys and girls have the most fun because they can do several activities such as leaping, dancing, walking and running.


Article III.        lET’S wRITE

  1. Match the words in Column A with those in B.

Column A                                           Column B

Lions                                                     Walk

Squirrels                                                Leap

Flies                                                      Crawl

Seals                                                      Dive

Worms                                                  Wiggle

Monkeys                                                Swing

Birds                                                      Hop

  1. Now make sentences of your own using the matching words.
  • The lion walk proudly in the jungle.
  • The Squirrels leap around the banyan trees.
  • The Flies crawl on the wall.
  • The worms wiggle on the ground
  • The monkeys swing on the branches of the tree.
  • The birds hop on the ground.

Example – The seal Dive into the icy water.


  1. Arrange these movement words from slow to fast.

Run                  Walk                Hop                Crawl

Crawl – Walk – Hop – Run


  1. Underline the letters which are silent in the following words.

Walk        Straight         Mor        Caught         Cal       Talk

Walk straight more caught calm talk


Article IV.          SAY ALOUD

Squirrel, Squirrel on the tree

Running quiet as can be

Quickly, Quickly

Come catch me!


What do you do when she are bored.

Lakshmamma sings a song when she is baored

Ratnataker reada book

Gopal talks to his friends,

Anjaiah writes a story.

Leelamma goes for a walk

Prabhakar Goes to sleep



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