NCERT class 3 English Units VII question answer

  NCERT class 3 English Units VII question


Class 3rd Question & Answers from (NCERT)



Article I.                                Reading is fun

  1. Who is the ‘I in the poem?

Ans.: A little Kid. Who tells about him.

  1. Where was the man going?

Ans.: The man is going down to the village to get some bread.

  1. Why didn’t the child go with the Horse?

Ans.: Because horse is going down to the village to get some hay.

  1. Why did the child go with the Puppy?

Ans.: The Puppy is going to up hills to roll and play.’ That’s why the little kid also want to play with him.


Article II.                                           talk time


  1. Do you have a pet?

Ans.: “Yes”, I have a pat and It’s Name is Sona.

  1. Talk about three things that you and your pet do together.

And.: We sleeps together, we eats together, we plays together.

  1. How do you look after your pet? Tell the class first in your own language, and then in English.

Article III.                                             Say aloud

  • Who am I?


Tibloo is my friend

Tibloo has four legs.

Tibloo has a long tail.

Who is Tibloo?

Tibloo barks.

Tibloo wags his tail.

Tibloo is happy.

Who is Tibloo

Tibloo is my Dog!


Article IV.                                       let’s write


  1. Match the animals with their sounds.


A                                                B

A Horse                     –                       Neighs

A Dog                        –                       Barks

A Sheep                     –                       Bleats

A Cat                          –                       Mews

An Elephant               –                       Trumpets

A Tiger                        –                       Roars

A Cow                         –                       Moos


  1. List these animals under Domestic Animals and Wild Animals.



Jackal             Fox           Tiger          Dog         Cow

Elephant        Bear          Sheep         Goat        Buffalo


Domestic Animals                        Wild Animals

_Dog_                   |                             _Tiger_

_Goat_                   |                            _Bear_

_Sheep_                 |                            _Fox_

_Buffalo_                |                            _Jackal_

_Cow_                   |                            _Elephant_


  1. Fill in the blanks with rhyming words.


Hill                 _Kill_                               _Fill_

Hay                _Day_                               _Bay_

Fine                _Mine_                            _Shine_

Get                 _Met_                               _Net_

Going              _Doing_                       _Showing_

Here               _There_                        _Were_



Bruno is my pet Puppy.

He breaks his dish.

He is sad.

Daddy gives him milk.

But Bruno is sad.

Mummy gives him a new dish.

Now Bruno is happy.



  • Choose the right words.


  1. Bruno is my _Pet (Pet/Dish)
  2. He breaks his _Dish (Dish/Fish)
  3. Daddy gives him a new _Milk (Water/Milk)
  4. Mummy gives him a new _Dish (Fish/Dish)
  5. Bruno is now _Sad (Sad/Happy)



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