NCERT class 4 English unit 5 Question answer

NCERT class 4 English unit 5 Question answer


UNIT-5 Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

Reading is fun

  1. What is the poem about?

Ans.: This poem is all about to Don’t Afraid of the Dark

  1. What happens when the day is over?

Ans.: When the day is done, the Earth must rest.

  1. What does the earth do when the day is over?

Ans.: Earth goes to the rest when the day is over.

  1. What does the poet want us to do at night?

Ans.: Poet wants to do be the friends with the night, he said there is nothing to fear.

  1. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE?

(a) The poet tells the child to be afraid when it is dark.           _False_

(b) The poet says that stars will always shine at night.             _True_

(c) The poet tells the child to think of friends after it is dark.   _True_

  • Word building

Moon + light    _Moonlight_                               Break + Fast      _Breakfast_

Good + night    _Goodnight_                   Day + break      _Daybreak_

Night + fall       _Nightfall_                                  Rain + bow       _Rainbow_

  1. Find a word in the poem which is the opposite of –

War       _Peace_            Enemies   _Friends_         Gentle   _Harsh_

Light     _Dark_              Night       _Day_              Start      _End_

  1. Look at these words in the poem

Don’t,   Won’t

Here are their fill forms-

Don’t – Do Not          Won’t – Will not

Now, write the full forms of the following words

Didn’t        _Did not_

Shouldn’t   _Should not_

Wouldn’t    _Would not_

Couldn’t     _Could not_

Mustn’t      _Must not_

  • Let’s talk
  1. Are you afraid of the dark? Why?

Ans.: ‘No” I’m not afraid of the dark.

  1. What do you do when it is Dark?

Ans.: I prefer to join Mom and Dad like as same as I do.

  1. Have you ever been very frightened? Tell your partner about it.

Ans.: Do with your friend!

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