NCERT class 4 English unit -6 question answer

  NCERT class 4 English unit -6 question answer

The Scholar’s Mother Tongue


  • Reading is fun
  1. Who came to Akbar’s court?

Ans.: A learned Pundit

  1. What did he claim to know?

Ans.: He told the King and his courtiers that he had mastery over so many different languages.

  1. How did challenge everybody?

Ans.: He challenged everybody at the court to name his mother tongue.

  • Let’s talk
  1. What is your mother tongue?

Ans.: My mother tongue is Hindi.

  1. Tell the class a Jock in your mother tongue.

Ans.:  I will as possible as I should be.

  1. Do you know any other language? Do you know a joke in English? Tell your friends.


  • Let’s listen

Listen to your favourite advertisement on the radio or T.V. Repeat it with stress on the words. Act, draw and write the advertisement.


  • Word Building
  1. Tick (√) the words which end with the sound id. Say each

Accepted            Answered                 Irritated                     Failed

Completed        Challenged                Cried (√)                 Surprised (√)

Find (√)             Licked (√)               Celebrated                  Fried (√)

  • Write all the words that show you are happy.

For example: Hurray, Ha! Ha!

_Yeah_         _Yippy_          _Wow_

  • Tick the right answer –

(i) ‘I visited the court of Akbar’ means

(a) You always live there.

(b) You came there for a short time. (√ )

(c) You were born there.

(ii) To imitate someone means to.

(a) Copy someone (√)

(b) Tease someone

(c)  Make someone angry

Look and fill the columns. One has been done for you.

Quiet         Quietly                  _Sad_           _Sadly_

Fluent      _Fluently_             _Fierce_        _Fiercely_

Angry       _Angrily_              _Gentle_        _Gently_

Match the words in Column ‘A’ with words in Column ‘B’.

A                                                        B

King                         –                        Courtiers

Teacher                   –                        Students

Doctor                     –                        Patients

Bus Driver               –                       Passengers

Lawyer                     –                          Clients

Mother                     –                         Children

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