NCERT Solution class 8 Science Chapter-4

NCERT Solution class 8 Science Chapter-4

Science VIII chapter – 4


Q1. Which of the following can be beaten into thin sheets?

(a) Zice   (b) Phosphours    (c) Sulphur   (d) Oxygen

Ans. (a) Zice

Explanation :

Here, Zice is a mental with malleability

and ductility whereas phosphorus, supphur

and Oxygen are nonmentals which lack

malleability and ductility.


Q2. Which of the following staements is correct?

(a) All metals are ductile.

(b) All non- metals are ductile.

(c) Generally, metals are ductile.

(d) Some non- metals are ductile.

Ans. (c) Generally, metals are ductile.


Ductility is a property where a substance

can be drawn into thin wires, Generally,

metals are ductile with mercury as the exception.

Q3. Fill in the blanks.


Phosphorus is a very —reactive— than copper.

(b) Metals are —good— conductors of —electricity—.

(c) Iron is —more— reactive non-metal.

(d) Metals react with acids to produce —hydrogen—


Q4. Mark ‘T’ if statement is true and ‘F’ if it is false.

(a) Generally, non-metals react with acids.

Ans. False

(b) Soldium is a very reactive metal.

Ans. True

(c) Copper displaces zinc from zinc sulphate solution.

Ans. False

(d) Coal can drawn into wires.





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