NCERT Solutions for class 7 English Poem 9Garden Snake

NCERT Solution for class 7 English Poem 9 – Garden Snake

Working with the Poem

Q 1. Answer the following questions.

Pick out the line that suggests that the child is afraid of snakes.

Which line shows a complete change of the child’s attitude towards snakes? Read it aloud.

“But mother says that kind is good…” What is mother referring to?


“I saw a snake and ran away.”

“I’ll stand aside and watch him pass.”

The mother is referring to the garden snake.

Q 2

Find the word that refers to the snake’s movements in the grass.



Q 3. There are four pairs of rhyming words in the poem. Say

them aloud.


(a) Good, food

(b) Pass, grass

(c) Away, say

(d) Mistake, snake

Q 4 A snake has no legs or feet, but it moves very fast. Can you guess how? Discuss in the group.

Ans. A snake wiggles and that’s how it moves very fast although it does not have legs or feet.

Q 5 Can you recall the word used for a cobra’s long sharp teeth? Where did you come across this word first?

Ans. The word used for cobra’s long sharp teeth is “fangs”. I have heard this word while watching Discovery channel.

Extra Question

Q .Who is the poet and what was his initial reaction to seeing a snake?

Ans. Muriel L. Sonne is the poet When the poet saw a snake, he ran away thinking it is dangerous.

Q .What did the poet’s mother tell him regarding the snake ?

Ans. The poet’s mother told him that the garden snake is a good kind and not dangerous. Also, it eats up only insects for its food. So, the poet stood confidently aside and saw it pass by.

Q .What thought can be drawn out about snakes ?

Ans. The thought that all snakes are dangerous should be drawn out from reading the poem. Although, some are and most are not. Moreover, the garden snake is just a harmless snake.

  1. Why did the narrator run away seeing the garden snake?

Ans. The narrator thought the snake to be dangerous and out of fear ran away.

Q .What does a garden snake eat?

Ans. A garden snake survives on insects

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NCERT Solution for class 7 English Poem 9 – Garden Snake Working with the Poem Q 1. Answer the following questions.…