NCRT CLASS 3 Good Morning

  NCRT CLASS 3 Good Morning

Good morning


Q1.  Write the words which rhyme with the words gives below:


  1. Beat Eat, meat.
  2. Peak leak, teak.
  3. Line Mine, fine.
  4. Mark shark, dark.
  5. Ten men, pen.

Q2. Write the past tenses of:


  1. Run Ran, b) Stand  , Stood

c)Say     said, d) play     Played ,

e)Find    found.

Q3. Give three names of the following things which you see near or in your house:

  1. Bird crow, sparrow, pigeon.
  2. Insects housefly, mosquito, spider.
  3. Flowers rose, lily, sunflower
  4. Trees Bamboo, banyan, neem.
  5. Animal Cat, dog, cow.

Q4. Write the plural of


  1. Leaf leafs, b) Wolf   wolfs, c) Knife


The Magic Garden


COMPETENCY (spelling)


Q1. Rewrite the jumbled letters correctly.

  1. a g i c m = Magic
  2. a r g d n e = Garden
  3. g a r s s = Grass
  4. f i a r i s e = Fairies
  5. p r e t y t = Pretty

Q2. Underline the correct spelling.


  1. Awake / aveke
  2. Magik / magic
  3. Asleep / asleip
  4. Golden / goldan
  5. Flawers / flowers

Q3. Form two new words from the given word

  1. Sunshine = sun + shine.
  2. Playground = play + ground.
  3. Sunflower = sun + flower.
  4. Postman = post + man.
  5. Newspaper = news + paper.

Q4. Underline he odd one out:

  1. Tomato, lily , radish, potato, beetroot.
  2. Parrot, dove, snail, eagle, sparrow.
  3. Cauliflower, marigold, lotus, tulip, jasmine.

Q: Name two words in each box which you see in the garden.

Tree = leafs and fruits.

Insect = mosquitoes and ant.

Flowers = lily and jasmine.

Tools = hammer and nails.

Birds = sparrow and pigeon.


                                Bird Talk

Q: Name any three that you see near your house and school.




Buildings etc.

Q: Write the rhyming words of following

Way = they, away.

Grow = slow, blow.

Thing  = ding, king.

Sunny = bunny, runny.

Fire     = hire, dire.

Q: Complete the lines:

Think about people

How’s they fling.

They don’t have feather

But  they don’t crying.

Q: Use the following words in your own sentences.

Wings = wings is important for birds.

Wires = don’t touch electric wires.

Grow = this is grow very fast.

Know = I know you don’t do this.

Garden = I love garden so much

Q: Fill in the blanks with don’t or aren’t

The birds aren’t having wings.

The children aren’t  playing in the garden.

The students don’t making a noise.

The people aren’t grow feather.

Small babies don’t have teeth.




                   The Baby Sparrow


Reading competency

Read the passage carefully give answer:-

Nina’s aunt was getting married. Nina, her father, mother and little brother were going to Delhi for a wedding. Everyone was happy except Nina. Her mother took market to buy a new dress.

Q: Who was getting married?


Q: Why did her mother take her to the market?


Q: Find the past tense of



Q: Find the opposite of



Q: Find two adjectives from passage.








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