Need to crack down on fake news say experts

Need to crack down on fake news say experts


You have to be aware and high alert from fake news before taking any decision in your life.

On Tuesday, a message forwarded WhatsApp claimed there were four positive cases of coronavirus in west Delhi’ s Tilak Nagar and that all general stores in the neigh bourhood has shut.

Two days before that a man on twitter shared that someone who frequently visited his home had tested positive for the virus in another west Delhi area.

As per government agencies both pieces of information were


Experts said the spread of such misinformation has grave consequences and could spell trouble as the crisis worsens.

Dr Jugal kishore from the department of community medicine at Delhi s safdarajung hospital said the authorities must utilize all legal powers to penalize at least some people involved in sharing misinformation there are several laws for punitive action against those who intentionally or un witting share misinformation this is the critical time to exercise those powers if they do that the menace of misinformation can be cured said Dr Kishore.

He said that people needed to be made aware of the difference between a person testing positive for the virus and some only quarantining themselves on the suspicion that they could have come in touch with someone carrying the virus.

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