Ordinance cleared by Yogi Cabinet to recover damages

Ordinance cleared by Yogi Cabinet to recover damages

Riots is violence on all Indian laws so that there should be strong law that  a person  think  thousand times over it to do and government should take over all property of such person. If such person killed any person his entire family should be liable to bear punishment. Other state also should learn lession from Utter Pradesh.


The Uttar Pradesh cabinet on Friday approved an ordinance that will allow the state’s authorities to recover losses to public and private property caused during riots demonstrations political processions and illegal agitations.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

presided over the cabinet meeting that approved the Uttar Pradesh recovery of damage to public and private properties ordinance-2020.

The cabinet has approved the ordinance having provisions for recovery of damages caused to public or private properties during any agitation minister for parliamentary affairs Suresh Khanna told reporters


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