Rajshree Lottery Result today live 28-12-2021


Rajshree Lottery Result today live 28-12-2021

Rajshree Result today live 28-12-2021 play game rajshree result update time to time on this page daily as soon as possible for you. Rajshree  is a luck-based lottery game and players can check their result every 15 to 20 minutues interval and find the rajshree result today,play rajshree goa star game,rajshree play online lottery game.

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Play Rajshree result timing  start at around 9:00 AM and will go on till 9:40 PM

Rajshree Result today live 28-12-2021

2021-12-28 09:00 AM RA78 RB85 RC96 RD63 RE23 RF31 RG85 RH59 RI77 RJ41
2021-12-28 09:15 AM RA35 RB08 RC79 RD05 RE52 RF54 RG71 RH44 RI95 RJ95
2021-12-28 09:30 AM RA98 RB05 RC40 RD22 RE06 RF29 RG95 RH35 RI07 RJ40
2021-12-28 09:45 AM RA12 RB27 RC09 RD68 RE52 RF06 RG12 RH97 RI05 RJ67
2021-12-28 10:00 AM RA38 RB70 RC90 RD05 RE62 RF15 RG63 RH54 RI74 RJ18
2021-12-28 10:15 AM RA89 RB07 RC86 RD56 RE58 RF88 RG81 RH96 RI05 RJ86
2021-12-28 10:30 AM RA06 RB07 RC84 RD00 RE96 RF38 RG80 RH44 RI06 RJ72
2021-12-28 10:45 AM RA89 RB86 RC97 RD12 RE90 RF62 RG54 RH90 RI96 RJ51
2021-12-28 11:00 AM RA47 RB95 RC86 RD05 RE52 RF42 RG68 RH84 RI72 RJ63
2021-12-28 11:20 AM RA10 RB78 RC06 RD28 RE06 RF72 RG80 RH22 RI24 RJ50
2021-12-28 11:40 AM RA49 RB96 RC74 RD14 RE65 RF85 RG02 RH67 RI73 RJ94
2021-12-28 12:00 PM RA26 RB06 RC97 RD85 RE05 RF85 RG78 RH68 RI05 RJ12
2021-12-28 12:20 PM RA13 RB84 RC50 RD86 RE65 RF74 RG80 RH06 RI95 RJ45
2021-12-28 12:40 PM RA68 RB80 RC74 RD53 RE32 RF24 RG15 RH89 RI08 RJ84
2021-12-28 01:00 PM RA59 RB97 RC84 RD05 RE96 RF08 RG76 RH45 RI20 RJ86
2021-12-28 01:20 PM RA94 RB86 RC60 RD35 RE84 RF74 RG54 RH86 RI05 RJ43
2021-12-28 01:40 PM RA05 RB66 RC52 RD14 RE84 RF87 RG80 RH15 RI96 RJ90
2021-12-28 02:00 PM RA26 RB80 RC74 RD85 RE08 RF69 RG84 RH06 RI42 RJ38
2021-12-28 02:20 PM RA31 RB56 RC95 RD74 RE72 RF26 RG25 RH57 RI51 RJ65
2021-12-28 02:40 PM RA38 RB74 RC08 RD86 RE95 RF64 RG86 RH35 RI85 RJ91
2021-12-28 03:00 PM RA91 RB84 RC80 RD78 RE90 RF85 RG26 RH65 RI94 RJ26
2021-12-28 03:20 PM RA45 RB51 RC37 RD79 RE84 RF86 RG90 RH84 RI53 RJ42
2021-12-28 03:40 PM RA82 RB27 RC87 RD98 RE08 RF59 RG65 RH32 RI52 RJ24
2021-12-28 04:00 PM RA12 RB65 RC89 RD08 RE74 RF86 RG90 RH62 RI00 RJ74
2021-12-28 04:20 PM RA18 RB68 RC07 RD56 RE62 RF14 RG86 RH08 RI75 RJ95
2021-12-28 04:40 PM RA60 RB57 RC56 RD29 RE06 RF65 RG33 RH25 RI11 RJ48
2021-12-28 05:00 PM RA48 RB08 RC75 RD90 RE06 RF95 RG72 RH53 RI84 RJ50
2021-12-28 05:20 PM RA50 RB86 RC33 RD93 RE25 RF42 RG12 RH84 RI78 RJ98
2021-12-28 05:40 PM RA96 RB80 RC15 RD14 RE57 RF84 RG09 RH95 RI86 RJ25
2021-12-28 06:00 PM RA38 RB74 RC84 RD87 RE51 RF95 RG74 RH80 RI68 RJ71
2021-12-28 06:20 PM RA25 RB07 RC48 RD85 RE14 RF35 RG89 RH95 RI35 RJ00
2021-12-28 06:40 PM RA15 RB98 RC06 RD83 RE84 RF78 RG08 RH52 RI67 RJ73
2021-12-28 07:00 PM RA76 RB60 RC95 RD74 RE86 RF25 RG35 RH84 RI35 RJ11
2021-12-28 07:20 PM RA72 RB20 RC68 RD98 RE86 RF75 RG24 RH15 RI06 RJ59
2021-12-28 07:40 PM RA14 RB86 RC06 RD08 RE77 RF12 RG39 RH59 RI97 RJ46
2021-12-28 08:00 PM RA84 RB90 RC06 RD86 RE62 RF75 RG93 RH80 RI74 RJ95
2021-12-28 08:20 PM RA91 RB80 RC65 RD73 RE28 RF68 RG98 RH71 RI15 RJ44
2021-12-28 08:40 PM RA59 RB57 RC86 RD53 RE24 RF59 RG80 RH75 RI84 RJ43
2021-12-28 09:00 PM RA51 RB84 RC35 RD28 RE15 RF79 RG95 RH12 RI05 RJ38
2021-12-28 09:20 PM RA06 RB84 RC94 RD76 RE83 RF02 RG48 RH96 RI82 RJ52
2021-12-28 09:40 PM RA61 RB25 RC80 RD87 RE90 RF96 RG08 RH68 RI75 RJ35

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