The red fort is a historic fort in the city of delhi (in old delhi) in india that sevrved as the main residence of the mughal emperors .emperor shah jahan commissioned construction of the Red Frod on 12 may 1638 ,when he decided to shift his his capital from agar to delhi.originally red and white,its design is credited to architect Ustad Ahmad  lahori,who also constructed the taj was constructed  between may 1639 and april 1648.

On 15 august 1947,the first prime minister of india ,jawaharlal neh,raised the indian nationl flag above the lahori gate.every year on india’s indepence day

(15 august) the prime minister hoists the india tricolour flag at the fort’s main gate and delivers a nationally broadcast speech from its ramparts .


The name Red Fort is a translation of the hindustani lai qila deriving from its red sandstone walls. Lal was derived form hindustani language meaning ‘’red ‘’and qalah derived from persian word meaning ‘’fortress ‘’.as the residences of the imperial family,the fort was originally knows as originally known as the ‘’blessed fort ‘’(qila-I-mubarak).agra fort is also knows as lal qila.


The red fort has an area of 254.67acres (103.06 ha)enclosed by 2.41 kilometres (1.50mi) of defensive walls,punctuated by turrets andbastions that vary in height from 18 metres (59 ft) on the river side to 33 meter (108ft) on the city side .the fort is octagonl ,with thw north-south axis longer than the east -wast axis.the marble ,floral decorations and the fort’s double domes exemplify later mughal architecture.

It showcases a high level of ornamentation;and the kohinoor diamond was reportedly part of the furnishings. The fort’s artworksynthesises persian ,european and india art,resulting in a unique shahjahani style rich in form ,expressionand colour .red fort is one of the building complexesof india encapslating a long period of historyand its arts. Even before its 1913 commemoration as a monument of national importance,effect were made to preserve it for posterity.

The lahori and delhi gates were used by the public ,and the khirabad gate was for the emperor.the lahori gate is the main antrance ,leading to a domed shopping area knows as the chatta chaowk (coverwd bazaar).


  RED FORT The red fort is a historic fort in the city of delhi (in old delhi) in india that…

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