Solution NCERT English class-3 Chapter-1

  Solution NCERT English class-3 Chapter-1


Good Morning

The Magic Garden


Article I.    Reading is fun


  1. Why is the child in the poem happy?


  1. To whom dues the child say ‘Good Morning’?


  1. What does the Child want to do?


  1. How many things were there child says ‘Good Morning’?


  1. Which one is child saying to play?



Article II.         Talk Time


  1. In the morning I say. “Good Morning”

At night I say, “Good Morning”

A dog says, “Bow-wow”

A cow says, “Moo-moo”

  • Say ‘Good Morning’ in your own language to
  1. a) your friends b)    your teacher

Article III.        WORD BUILDING


  1. Let’s say aloud


Find words in the poem which rhyme with

Bees _________________ day _____________too_____________


  1. What do
    you see around you during the day and at night?

Draw in the two boxes given below and colour the picture.


Day                                                     Night

Write two words each from two pictures you have drawn.

Day                                     Night

1._______________               1.___________________

2._______________               2.___________________


Article IV.        Team time


This is mud.

A big fat worm lives in the mud.

A leaf falls in the mud.

It is the worm’s dinner!

Form groups. Tell each other an interesting thing you have seen in the garden one day.


Article V.         Song time

I like to sing when the sun is shining,

tra la la la la, tra la la la la.

I like to sing when the sun is shinig,

tra la la la la, tra la la la la.


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