Today Gold Price in India 21-3-2022



     Today Gold Price in India 21-3-2022

Gold is a precious metal in the world. Gold metal is not only metal in India its show prosperity and wealth  among Indian peoples.  IT is also use full to encash in bad time of life. Long time ago  silver was more costly than Gold. Price is depend upon demand and supply of goods or service. Gold is very like by India women it most like  after their husband.

World people now  start to invest their surplus amount in the gold after share market crisis in 2008-2009. In 2008 gold rate of 22 carat was Rs 8,000 per gram after that it is continue rising day by day and reached upto Rs,50,000 per gram.

Gold is use in women wearing ornament it wearing during marriage, festivals and other celebrations. Gold is use as a prominent liquid assets. All Indian are gold loving and every Indian has some gold whether they are rich, or poor or very poor or even a bagger. If accurately calculated in all over world than India may come number one in gold having country. Old days India say by world  “sone ki chiriya “.

India occupied second position in world gold consumption country.

Gold may be

10 carat

12 carat

14 carat

16 carat

18 carat

20 carat

22 carat

24 carat

There are many cases come in the notice that many shopkeeper say some purity but actually there is not such purity for example

18 carat gold say it is 22 carat

So Government now say there should be hallmarked stamp on gold although there is no difference between normal gold rate and hallmarked gold rate. Hallmarked jewellery ensure a purity. Hallmarked jewellery help at the time of resell it when need money.

Facts About Gold | Live Science

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Gold Rate Today in India (  in Rs. / 1 gm)

updated on 21/3/2021

 Gold Type







22 Carat







24 Carat







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