Type of Tense

       Type of Tense  


Indefinite                                =                   Does/ Do

Continuous                             =                   IS /Am /Are + V4

Perfect                                     =                   Has /Have + V3

Perfect Continuous               =                   Since /For Has /

                                                                       Have + been + V4



Indefinite                                  =        Did / Non action Verbs

Continuous                               =        Was /Were + V4

Perfect                                       =        Had + V3

Perfect Continuous                 =        Since /For Had Been




Indefinite                                   =         Will

Continuous                                 =         Will be + V4

Perfect                                         =         Will have + V3

Perfect Continuous                   =         Since /For / From

Will have been + V4


Present Tense Examples

  1. Raj speaks English (Simple present for singular)
  2. They speaks English (Simple present for plural)
  3. He is speaking English (Present continuous)
  4. He was leant English (Present perfect for
  5. They have learnt German (Present Perfect for Plural)
  6. He has been learning English ( (Present perfect continuous for singular)
  7. They have been learning English (Present perfect continuous for plural).


                  Past Tense Examples

  1. I Played cricket yesterday (Simple past)
  2. I was playing cricket yesterday (Past Continuous for singular)
  3. They were playing cricket yesterday (past continuous for plural)
  4. They had played cricket yesterday (Past perfect)
  5. They had been playing cricket the entire yesterday (Past perfect Continuous).


              Future Tense Examples

  1. She will go to park tomorrow (Simple Future)
  2. She will be going to park tomorrow (Future Continuous)
  3. She will have been going to school tomorrow (Future Perfect)
  4. She Will have been going to School tomorrow (Future Perfect Continuous).

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