what are computer components or computer parts

What are computer components or computer parts ?

In mordern youg computer play a great role in entire world.Today we can say no work without computer so computer is as backbone of every work in the world.  we can see computer at every place like





Manuacturing units

Railway station




Space mission like mangal mission,chandrayan

means computer  help great in our life.

Computer is a device that work with help of various components or parts for effective function and processing. There are five basic components of a computer they help in making this processing of data in to information.

Definition  of computer components is, compter components are part 

of a computer system are the primary elements which make the functioning of an electronic device smooth and faster.

Computer Components

1. Central processing unit

2.Input  Unit

3. Output unit

4.Artihmetical and logical unit

5. Control unit





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