Rooms  in   my  School  2023


Rooms  in  my  School  2023

Principal ‘s Office:- The principal fo the school sits in the principal ‘s office.She/He is head of the school and parents of children meet rhe principal in this office
Classroom:- Classroom is the place where all the children of one class sit topether and study
Computer lab:- Computer lab has computer in it. children go to this lab to learn and work on computers.
Library:-It is a place where book are kept for reading. We may borrow books from the libary
Music room:- Children learn to play different musical instrument in this room. They also learn to sing
Dance room:- Dance room is a place where dance teacher teach how to dance
Nurse room:- Sometimes, children in the school feel sick. They are taken to the nurse room to take rest. Nurse takes care of the sick children in the nurse room
Sports room:-Sports items, such as football,bats,etc. are kept in the sports room
Staffroom :- Teachers work and relax here when they are not teaching
Playground:- Children love to play here. It has a see-saw,slides and mayan other swings.


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