Facebook ad library

Facebook ad library

As you know in morden time advertisement is necessary  to  sucessfully establish a product. If people know your product than only they may show interest in your product.

An advertisement is the promotion of a product, brand, or service, to attract interest in a product,engagement.

Now these days

Facebook and


are a good media to advertisement a product at cheap cost and reach to million people within a few second.

Facebook ad library is the library is most comprehensive ads transparency surface providing a view  of ads across our

apps and services. It help  make advertising transparent by giving people more information

about the ads they see.

The Ad Library contains all active ads running across our products. Transparency is a priority fo us to help.

Facebook Ads library offer additional information about Ads.

The ad Library is available to every one and anyone is able to veiw and search for ads in the ad Library.

Searchable People are able to search for any term name or page in the Ad Library.

The Ad Library contains multiple trackers, including thepresidential.

A adversiser can view all active ads and also can ensure that advertising  policies are properly followed or not.

When a person clicks on See ad details for an ad they,ll seesome of the following information.

1.Impressions: People ca see a range for the number of impression that the ad received.

2.Active or inactive : People can see when an ad started running and whether or not it,s currently running.

3.Amount spent: People can see a range for the amount spent on the ad.

4.Location: People ca see inforamtion about  the location where the ad was viewed.



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