Google keyword search volume !

Google keyword search volume !


Keyword search volume refers to a number of searches for a given keyword during a selected time frame (usually a month). In most keyword research tools, the number of searches is an average value based on the last 12 months.


Search volume of a keyword how we get ?

Need to know used a keyword research tool.

  • Free tools

Some free tools have search volume data, but they are usually very limited in their use.

For        a long time, google keyword planner was the obvious free choice for many SEOs, althought it’s always been a keyword tool for PPC


The problem is the tool no longer show the exact numbers unless you spend money on PPC campaigns.

So if you open google keyword planner and enter the seed keyword “best running shoes” it will show you the ranges like “10K – 100K”, which can actually be 11,000 but also 99,000.

Another minor problem is the so-called keyword clustering. It is a common technique when creating PPC ad groups that contain similar keywords and it leads to better organization, higher quality score and CTR.However, for SEO purposes, it’s almost always better if you “cluster” your keywords manually. Relying on a PPC keyword tool to do it for you, without knowing what keywords were actually grouped together, is not the best idea.

So Google Keyword Planner is a great choice if you’re running a PPC campaign. But it’s not sufficient for the SEO purposes.

  • Professional tools

If you’re serious about SEO, getting a quality keyword tool with reliable data is a must.

A great advantage of a professional keyword research tool is that besides search volume values, it provides many other useful metrics and data you’ll need when evaluating the keywords. These include:

  • keyword difficulty metric
  • the search trends
  • CPC and PPC values
  • SERP results with details about your competitors

You can import your keywords to the tool- either by uploading a list or typing the keywords one by one

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