NCERT class-3 English chapter 1 question answer

  NCERT class-3 English chapter 1 question answer

NCERT class-3 English answer, chapter Nina and

the Baby Sparrow



Nina and the Baby Sparrow

Article I.                        Reading is fun

  1. Why was there great joy in Nina’s house?

Ans.: There was a great joy in Nina’s house. Nina’s aunt was getting married. Nina, her father, mother and little brother were all going to Delhi for a wedding. Everyone was happy, except Nina.

  1. Why was Nina worried?

Ans.: Nina is all worried about sparrow’s nest which is in the bookshelf of her room and there were two baby sparrow in the nest and they

are growing up makes them hungry all day long they are crying ‘cheep, cheep’, asking for food so if she go, the whole place will be locked. And how will papa and mama sparrow feed their babies.

  1. What did mother suggest?

Ans.: Her mother said that they’ll remove all things from the room and lock the door on the outside. So the house will be perfectly safe and papa and mama sparrows can come and go freely too.

  1. What did Nina find when she came back from the wedding?

Ans.: When Nina came back from the wedding, there were two plump little sparrows flying all over the room. And wasn’t Nina thrilled!

Article II.                                       Talk time

  1. How do baby sparrows eat?

Ans.: Mama and papa Sparrow feed them by their own beak.

  1. What new things would you like to wear for a wedding? You can say “I would also like to wear…”

I would also like to wear____ Coat-pant or Suit-pant_____.

Article III.                                      team time

Would you like to have birds visiting everyday?

Try making a bird-bath and a feeding corner for birds.

You can place a bowl of water in a quiet corner of the school playground.

Leave bread crumbs, grains etc. for feathered friends.


  • Activity- Let’s make a bird
  • Things you need:
  • Old greeting card
  • Dal
  • Black bindi/beads for eyes
  • Scissors
  • Gum
  • Old news paper
  • Old shoe lace
  • Steps
  1. Make an outline of the bird on a greeting card and cut it out.
  2. Cut a small square from an old newspaper and fold it to make a fan. Keep the fan closed.
  • Pass the folded fan through the cut on the bird’s back and now open the folds of the fan.
  1. Make the eye by sticking a bindi.
  2. Paste a string or old shoe lace to hang the bird.


Article IV.                           Word building

  • Write down suitable words describing each picture. Pick up the words from the list given below:

Beautiful          Black      Red        Happy       Tall            Fat

  • A _______Fat_____ _______woman
  • A_______ Red ______ _____rose
  • A_______ Happy ______ ___boy
  • A _______Beautiful ________peacock
  • A________ Black __________board
  • A________ Tall____________ man

Article V.                                  Say aloud

Spoil    Sparrow     School       skirt     Scold

Sport     speak        Scout        Skip      Skin






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