NCERT class 3 English unit viii question answer

    NCERT class 3 English unit viii question answer

Class 3rd Question & Answers from (NCERT)


What’s in the mailbox?

Article I.                         Reading is fun

  1. Who does the postman bring letters for?

Ans.: Postman brings a letter for her mother or father.

  1. Does the child ever get a letter?

Ans.: ‘No’ she never got any of letters before.

  1. What does the child decide to do?

Ans.: She is going to write some letters, through, that’s what she is going to do, and then her friends will answer her and she’ll get letters too!

Article II.                                         Talk time

  1. Have you written letters?

Ans.: ‘No’ I had never wrote any kind of letter before.

  1. Who have you written to?

Ans.: For no one

  1. Who would you like to write to today? Why?

Ans.: If I have an Option to write letter for any one, so I’ll write it for Chinu, because he is my best friend.


  • Read this letter carefully


Devu has written a letter to his grandfather thanking him for a birthday gift

H.No. 1792, Darya Ganj

25th January, 2006

Dear Grandfather

Thank you for the beautiful book of Panchatantra stories.

You will be happy to know that I read one story every day.

With love


Article III.                                    LEt’s write

  • Now write a letter to your friend, telling her about your school.
  • You can use some of these words:

Classroom     Children        bell        blackboard       teacher       Building

  1. No.: 136B, Block-C

Pandav Nagar

New Delhi – 110092

16th September, 2020

My Dear Friend

Here I’m going to tell you something about my school, my Classroom and respectable teachers. I have done my 10th Class yet so recently. And I become a 11th standard student. All my teachers are so good in behave and now my classroom is also bigger then before blackboard is also so good in condition there are so many children’s in my class.

I like to heard the bell sound everyday and my school building is so high.

That’s all I wanted to tell you, I hope we will meet soon as possible.

Your faithful (well wisher)

Gagan K.

Article IV.                                             paper work

Activity: Let’s make an envelope and post our letter too!

  1. Take a square piece of paper.
  2. Fold all the four corners to make folds.
  3. Fold two corners and paste them with a little glue.
  4. Fold the third corner and past it with a glue.
  5. Leave the third corner open.

Write the address neatly on the envelope and fix the stamp on the right corner.

Put the letter inside it. Now seal the forth corner as well. Your letter is ready to be posted to your friend.

Article V.                                                word building


  • Here are some people who help us.


  • Let’s try matching A with B.

A                                                  B

  1. A Postman – Brings your letters
  2. A Cobbler – Mends our shoe
  3. A Librarian –                           Works in Library
  4. A Driver – Drives a motor Vehicle
  5. A dramatist –                               Writes Plays
  6. A Teacher – Teaches in a school
  7. A Nurse – Look after patients
  8. A Musician –                        Plays musical Instrument
  9. An Astronaut – Travels in a Space Craft
  10. A Clown – Makes People Laugh

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